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About Informed Humans

Welcome to Informed Humans, a groundbreaking journalism project dedicated to unveiling the truth behind mainstream media narratives and fostering a new wave of media literacy. At Informed Humans, we believe in the power of independent journalism to reshape our understanding of the world and challenge the status quo that often dominates conventional news sources.

Our Mission

Informed Humans is committed to amplifying the voices of independent, investigative, and grassroots journalists who dare to explore and expose societal injustices. Our platform serves as a robust conduit for these voices, providing them with the means to publish their investigative stories, in-depth analyses, exposés, and editorials directly to a global audience.

Empowering Journalists and Citizen Reporters

We envision a dynamic network of journalists and citizen journalists united in their quest to shed light on underreported issues. Journalists are encouraged to use Informed Humans as a launchpad for their content, leveraging our platform’s reach to ensure their work makes the maximum impact. By bypassing traditional media gatekeepers, our contributors maintain full control over their narratives and engage directly with their audience. Radio

Complementing our digital publication, Informed Humans runs an online radio station,, which features programming from both independent and citizen journalists. This station not only broadens our reach but also diversifies the mediums through which our audience can engage with critical news and insights.

Collaboration with Nonprofits

Recognizing the crucial role of nonprofit organizations in driving social change, Informed Humans invites these groups to share their news stories and investigative findings. By partnering with nonprofits, we ensure that our content is enriched with perspectives that are often sidelined in mainstream discourse.

Our Impact

The ultimate goal of Informed Humans is to initiate purposeful and systemic change by providing an alternative to biased, corporate-sponsored media. Through our commitment to supporting untethered journalism and offering a platform for free expression, we aim to:

  • Enhance public understanding of complex global issues.
  • Foster critical thinking and media literacy among our readers.
  • Support the democratic process by providing information that empowers citizens to make informed decisions.
  • Encourage societal change by highlighting actionable insights into root causes and potential solutions.

Join Our Movement

By supporting Informed Humans, you are contributing to a movement that values truth, champions transparency, and believes in the power of informed journalism to enact real change. Whether you are a journalist looking to publish your next story, a listener eager for authentic narratives, or a reader seeking to understand the deeper truths of our time, Informed Humans is your platform.

Join us in our mission to inform the world, challenge the status quo, and inspire change—one story at a time.